Church Of Tomorrow

Recently, in one of our eating establishments I saw four teen aged kids sitting in a booth, apparently communicating.  I say apparently because each of them with a cell phone in hand was texting one another.

Sounds weird, but not really.

Then, another idea landed on my desk.  It was an article off the internet from one of our members about what to expect from church services in the future.  Well, you know what happened next.  I just couldn't resist this revision:

As the people gathered in the sanctuary, which looked more like a listening bar, the pastor announced that it was time to activate all cell phones, smart phones, tablet, PC, iPad, and Kindle Bibles.  If anyone had trouble booting up the Sunday bulletin, they could text their neighbor for any needed technical assistance.

The only sound that could be heard in the assembly of users was the rattle of dexterity that was made by dozens of swift moving fingers and thumbs.  It was quite amazing.  But the best part came next when the pew computers downloaded a sermon from the big screen as Bluetooths copied the same in a spontaneous display of tech savvy and connectivity which seemed routine.  Every type of headset, earbud, and wireless device known to modern man was fully operational in the church of tomorrow.

Twitter and Facebook used to be reserved only for friends.  But they now served as basic formats for the chat room part of the service - the morning prayers to God.  Again, it got real quiet as people electrified their thoughts.

The offering was incredible it was more like a fantasyland ride featuring credit and debit cards of every conceivable design and favorite character.  The ushers circulated lightweight swipe machines for the added convenience of those unable to make fund transfers at special laptops and phones located in the narthex.  Tithes and offerings were also welcome from anyone wishing to log on to the church wi-fi using a special password known only by members.  Efficiency and accuracy are most certainly true in the electronic church of tomorrow.

A holy atmosphere generated by contrite consumers in the congregation, is coming soon.  Buy iy sure is quiet, almost too solemn as people text and twit away their best stuff.  Church meetings are a thing of the not so recent past with the emergence of chat rooms.  Please log in and don't miss out on what's happening now in the church of tomorrow.

Skype connections are live on call every Friday.  Be sure to make use of this option in the event you prefer to be heard and seen in the community.  It is always a treat to go on line at the website for the latest blog from the pastor.  But the best part is there are no roaming charges because our connectivity is a free gift in the church of tomorrow.

Enough techno-talk for now.  Bing and Google if you must, just don't text my supper.

In closing, cell phones can be disconnected, especially if the bill isn't paid in full.  That would place every user at the mercy of the man.  In the true kingdom there are no dropped calls, no disconnects because Christ has paid for our sins to keep the live stream heavenward open and free!

See you in church.

Your pastor and friend,
Pastor Tom