Lenten Encore

He is back!  No, not Jesus.  I am talking about an actor who looks like him in every one of his movies produced for HBO from The Stranger series.  His name is Jefferson Moore, and if you haven’t seen his films, or if you missed a few the last time they were shown, this is your chance to see them again for the first time!  Beginning on Ash Wednesday, which is early this year (Feb 13), there will be a short Lenten Encore starring Jefferson Moore.  We will see seven modern stories about real characters from the Bible.  Each one will have a life-changing encounter with someone we all know, a real person disguised as a perfect stranger who comes to be our Savior from sin and death.

Here is your personal movie guide for our midweek films:

February 13 (AW)
Mary Magdalene
A conservative senator is very uneasy about casting a deciding vote on a landmark abortion bill.
When is it ever wrong to do the right thing?

February 20
Mary and Martha
Two sisters with very distinct views run a family diner in a small southern town.
Can two opposite views learn how to work together?

February 27
Walk On Water
A teenager is sick and tired of begin harassed for her faith in Christ by some mean-spirited classmates.
Is it possible to overcome our fear about losing control?

March 6
A rude, aggressive talk show host in Chicago berates his listeners every night about the insanity of faith.
Who can change our natural tendency of doubt into faith?

March 13
A grad student faces a real challenge from her outspoken professor who is an agnostic.
Why is it crucial to keep our faith when under pressure?

March 20
Woman At The Well
A girl struggles with the idea of not being perfect while her family and church disapprove of her lifestyle.
How did Jesus teach his followers to handle rejection?

March 27 (MT)
The Prodigal Son
A young man rejects a family fortune and winds up sleeping in an alley.
Are we free to be wasteful and irresponsible with our lives?

The central thought to keep in mind as you watch each of the seven episodes is… in every person’s life, there is a perfect stranger we all know.  And his name is?  No, not Jefferson Moore.  His name is Jesus.

Lent is a time for asking good questions.  That’s why we are going to talk about each of the 30-minute stories before our closing prayer.  This will be a chance for you to share or just listen to others.  Together we will explore the issues raised by the questions, and discover how to answer the call of the perfect stranger.

Lent is also a time for turning away from sin and turning our lives over to the Son.  IT is a short season of opportunity to refocus our eyes of faith on Christ, the perfect image of God with us.  Let’s get ready for a Lenten Encore!

See you at the movies!

Your Pastor and friend,
Pastor Tom